What Is The Aim Of The Text

What Is The Aim Of The Text

what is the aim of the text

Daftar Isi

1. what is the aim of the text

Apa tujuan dari teks tersebut

Maaf kalau salah…
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2. apa arti dari what is the aim of the text??

artinya : apa tujuan dari teks

3. What is the aim of the text is to announce


The aim of the text announcement is to announce information

4. 1. What is the aim of the text?3. What is the conclusion of the text?2. Write the main idea of each paragraph?​


1.To teach people about internet,it’s negative effects and how to deal with them.

2.Paragraph 1 meaning of internet,paragraph 2 positive of internet, paragraph 3 negative influence of internet,paragraph 4  one of the negative effect of internet, paragraph 5 how to deal with the negative effect of internet,paragraph 6 hopes of the writer to the reader and his feedback.

3.Internet is good but it also have some bad influence and there are many things to prevent it one of the is limiting their access and keeping an eye out on their childrens and what they are doing.


Smoga membantu dan bisa jadi jawaban tercerdas ^-^


1. The impact of using the internet for students.

2.  The conclusion of the text is to tell what are the negative and positive impacts of using the internet by a student.

3. Paragraph 1 : Internet has helped many people in all element of life that the internet has contributed fully in social life..

   Paragraph 2 : Internet presence provides positive benefits for the world information, but it has many negative influences.

   Paragraph 3 : Many positive benefits that can obtained by students from the internet is it used wisely.

   Paragraph 4 : Pongraphy is the negative influencer in the internet.

   Paragraph 5 : To Counteract the negative effect of internet on the students,  there are something that must be done, one of them is parent always accompany they children   when using the internet.

Paragraph 6 : Is it hope all parties, family, friends, teacher and government jointly prevent impact arising from the internet

Thank you

5. The aim of the text is to


tujuan dari teks adalah untuk…


teks yang manaa?

6. 1. What is the aim of the text above?2. What does the I sender expect? ​


1. to invite someone to the wedding party

2.they hope she / he to attending on their’s wedding day

7. 8.what is the aim of the above9. What is the generic structure of the text above​


8.a. To entertain the reader

9.c. Description-identification

8. What is the aim of the writer to write the text?

me, write a letter in the table

9. What is the aim of the events above?,,

Mana fotonya!?


lain kali isi fotonya yah kak

10. 1.What is the aim of the text above?2.What is the similar meaning of set up?3.What is the goal of the text?4.What is there on the teacher’s table?5.How many students are there in the classroom?

1. to find out what activities will be carried out during camping


3. the goal is that students know inventory in class

4. there is a flower vase

5. there are thirty-four

11. the aim of the text above is to

c. appreciate achievement and give support

goodluck!:)Appreciate achievement and give support

12. 1)What does the text tell us about?2)What is aim of writing the text?​

Card 1

1. The text tell us about graduation.

2. To congratulate the person who have graduated

Card 2

1. The text is about passed exams

2. Emily

3. To congratulate someone who have passed the exams


Card 1

1. Apa yang teks tersebut bahas?

Jawab: Membahas tentang wisuda

2. Apa tujuan menulis teks?

Jawab: Untuk mengucapkan selamat kepada orang yang telah wisuda

Card 2

1. Apa yang teks tersebut bahas?

Jawab: Lulus ujian

2. Siapa yang mengirim kartu ucapan nya?

Jawab: Emily

3. Tujuan dibuat teks tersebut untuk?

Jawab: Untuk mengucapkan selamat kepada orang yang lulus ujian

13. what is the aim of the development of infrastructure?​


Functions to facilitate and support the smooth running of social and economic activities of the community, such as the distribution of goods and services

14. The aim of the text is to

To inform reader or to persuade the reader.

15. (^O^)❤Quis❤~ What is the aim of narrative text?~ What is the generic structure of narrative text?Selamat mengerjakan☺Thank you. Good luck.​


Narrative text adalah suatu jenis teks yang berupa cerita khayalan, kisah nyata yang direkayasa, atau dongeng.

Tujuan dari teks ini adalah untuk menghibur pembaca tentang suatu kisah atau cerita.

bhs inggris :

Narrative text is a type of text in the form of an imaginary story, fabricated true story, or fairy tale.

The purpose of this text is to entertain the reader about a story or story.


love you

semoga membantu

16. what is the aim of the announcement? ​



maaf kalau jawabannya salah

17. What do you think is the writers aim of writing the text above?


mana teks nya kak??


dalam bahasa Indonesia:

Menurut Anda apa tujuan penulis menulis teks di atas?

18. TEXT:do for everything, so that we can make possible for what impossible. pertanyaan nya:1 what is the aim of the text. 2 what is the advantage of the text. 3 what do you fell after reading the caption. 4 what is meaning of the text ​


lakukan untuk segalanya, sehingga kita dapat membuat apa yang tidak mungkin menjadi mungkin.


1 apa tujuan teks tersebut.

2 apa keuntungan dari teks tersebut.

3 apa yang Anda rasakan setelah membaca judulnya.

4 apa arti teks tersebut

semoga membantu ya kak jawabannya

19. what is the aim of making a recount text?​


The purpose of recount text is to entertain and inform readers. The purpose of communication from a recount text is to tell an experience or event that happened in the past with the aim of entertaining and informing the reader



20. What is the aim of the tex

artinya. apa yang terdapat dalam teks.

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