Surat Undangan Non Formal Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Surat Undangan Non Formal Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Buatkanlah contoh surat undangan non formal dalam bahasa Inggris .

1. Buatkanlah contoh surat undangan non formal dalam bahasa Inggris .

it’s a birthday bash!
Briana’s 2nd Birthday
saturday ,may 5th 2017 from 2-5 pm
splash park
123 Birthday Lane
smiw city SC 12345
Don’t forget your swimsult and rowelll


The school era end, the memories live, and our friendship still as our school life”
The committee of the reunion
of the graduating class of 1990
invites our friends out there to
our 25th years of reunion.
The reunion will take on
August 30th, 2015
start at 18.00 on Hotel Malioboro, Yogyakarta.
It is a great happiness to gather with all friends from the graduating class of 1990.
We will gather to share the experience of life and recall our young era memories.
The reunion will be preceded by the light dinner at 19.00 pm
then we will have the memories time.

Please register yourself on
Meli 0853 6574 ******
Jansen 0899 **************
The registration will close on August 10th, 2015.
Thank you.

3. Contoh surat undangan non formal beserta balasannya dalam bahasa inggris


Surat kiriman:

Dear Mrs. Tailor

My name is Ria. I have big problem. My mom always get angry with me when she knows that I play games in the afternoon. You know, I like games very much but she doesn’t understand me. She lets me play games only on Sunday. It’s frustrating.


(Kepada Ibu Tailor

Nama saya adalah Ria. saya memiliki masalah besar. Ibu saya selalu marah kepada saya saat dia tahu bahwa saya bermain game pada siang hari. Kamu tahu, saya sangat menyukai game tapi ibu tidah pernah mengerti saya. Ibu saya meembiarkan saya bermain game hanya pada hari minggu. Ini membuaatku frustasi.


Surat balasan:

I’m sure our parents love us. They want us to be the best. I know that you like game but you should manage your time well. You shouldn’t play games every day. You’ll get tired of them. You should show your time table to your parents and prove that you keep it well.


Mrs. Tailor

(Saya yakin bahwa orangtua kita menyayangi kita. Mereka menginginkan yang terbaik untuk kita. saya mengerti bahwa kamu menyukai game namun kamu harus mengatur waktumu dengan baik. Kamu tidak seharussnya bermain game setiap hari. Kamu akan lelah pada mereka. Kamu harus menunjukan tabel waktumu pada orangtuamu dan meenunjukan bahwa kamu menjaganya dengan baik.


Ibu Tailor)


semoga bermanfaat

4. buatlah surat undangan formal dan informal dengan bahasa inggris

formal invitations

DISTRICT GOVERNMENT GARUTEDUCATION AUTHORITIESSMU Negeri 1 LimbanganJalam Kingdom Limbangan, Garut, 44 168
Number: 005/120 / SMU / XII / 2013 December 23, 2013Attractions: Meetings DepartmentPersonality: Very Important
Yth. Mr / Ms Teachers and Staff EmployeesSMU Negeri 1 LimbanganinThe place
Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings.In connection with many things to talk about, we hereby invite Mr. / Ms to attend official meetings to talk about:1. Preparation of UAS sementer odd Academic Year 2013-20142. The pre-applied to Class 1 ..Day, date: Saturday, December 27, 2013At: 08.00 s.d 14:00Venue: Meeting Room 1 Limbangan SMUThus we submit this letter. Hopefully Mr / Ms can memakluminya.Atas attention and cooperation of Mr / Ms, we thank you.
Head of SMU N I Limbangan
Adi farit

informal invitation
Monday, January 1, 2001Invitation
Dear :Mr. / Mrs. / Mr. / i _____________________________________________

With respect,Expect his presence tomorrow at:
Day date : ……………………………Time: ……………………………The place : ……………………………Purposes: ……………………………Information : ……………………………
Thus we are now invited for the care and presence we thank you very much.
Best regards,…………………………………

5. Surat non formal untuk ibu ketika kita ingin pergi bermain dalam bahasa inggris

me: hallo mom, can i play basketball with my friends next sunday?
mom: sure, why not?
heheh maaf terlalu singkat dan banyak salahnya:v

6. contoh surat formal dan non formal dalam bentuk bahasa inggris

ontoh surat dalam bahasa inggris [Non Formal]
Traits – traits personal letters : Personal Letter: Personal letter is a letter that is used for personal gain. Letters may be correspondence among friends or family. The characteristics of the personal letter : 1. Do not use letterhead 2. No number of letters 3. Greeting and closing varies 4. Free use of language, as you wish writer 5. Free letter format
Example Denpasar, October 31, 2012 Mail to friend Panji Suryawan in Denpasar
Regards See you soon friends! How are you? Hopefully fine. When we will meet again yes,, had not been long …? What was it like in junior high school Negri ..? There may be a pleasure for your pleasure. This week I’m probably going to house you for speaking about the past. Ohh yeah how your shadow report cards, are getting rank 1 …? I hope so,, Ooo yeah forgot to survive Halloween Day. I end this letter was yes,, do not forget to reply
From your friend
Kumpulan Contoh Surat Formal Bahasa Inggris No: 1 – V11 – 2013 Lamp: 4 pieces Subject: Visa Application To the Honorable Mr. Head of Immigration Office Denpasar Branch Jalan Flamboyan 25 Denpasar 80235 Indonesia Sincerely, First let me introduce self. My name is Susan Grey, 32, a teacher Indonesian in a junior high school in Canberra. I has six years teaching Indonesian in Australia. In connection with the scholarship I received from Australian government to deepen the language My Indonesian in Indonesia for six months, it is through this letter I would like to propose application for a visa Visits Permit Stay While (KIMS). The plan I will be in Indonesia from July through December 2013. During six months, it is hoped I could learn Nusantara Language Academy in Denpasar during two months, and then will follow the program homestay in Bandung for four months. Program Homestay is also managed by the Academy Discuss Archipelago. Because the Indonesian courses at the Academy of Language Nusantara is only held in July-August every year, so with my very I begged to be given KIMS to come to Denpasar end of June 2013. In addition to the application form KIMS I have content, along with this letter I also enclose: – Letter from the Department scholarships ACT Education Australia – Letter of acceptance as a student at the Academy Language Nusantara Denpasar – Letter of sponsorship from Dra Anita Budiharja, chairman Association of Indonesia in Canberra Presumably this can be a material consideration for Mr. I hope you will granted my request. Top concern granted, I say many thanks. Sincerely, Susan Grey BA, Education 23 Grevillia Street Acacia ACT 2625 Australia

Sumber Referensi : – Disalin dari Infoter-baru

7. Buatlah surat undangan formal memakai bahasa Inggris​



Tiara Putri Andini

By requesting mercy and blessings God

With this we invite you to come to our marriage and wedding ceremony

Wich will be held on:

Day: Friday

Date: 7th June, 2021

Place: Al-Aqsha Mosque

Batu Raden Street No. 110

Gunung Kidul


The wedding ceremony will be held on:

Day: Sunday

Date: 9th June, 2021

Venue: Al-Aqsha Convention Hall

Batu Raden Street No. 110

Gunung Kidul


Is a happiness for us if you can come and give your prayer to us.

Thank you very much.



8. contoh undangan formal dan non formal dalam bahasa inggris


Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
request the pleasure of your company
at a reception and dinner
in honor of
Dr. and Mrs. Anna
on Friday, 12th May
two thousand and sixteen
at seven o’clock
309 Broadway

              Black tie
Alice                                            Entertainment
412 Bonnie Street, Boston           begins
[123] 45678                                 at nine o’clock


After 12 months of being
the baby around here,
It’s time to invite you to celebrate
my fabulous first year

Sophia Marie

invites you to join her birthday
August 21st at 12.30 p.m.
Lunch & Cake
6923 Sergeant Road

James and Marry

9. contoh surat undangan rapat yang formal berbahasa inggris

Dear All Staff
From DIrecture
Pada hari minggu, akan diadakan rapat bulanan

10. Contoh surat undangan pesta makan malam non formal dalam bahasa inggris

hey guys..
let’s join us.. at dinner party…

in zara’s restaurant,
november 20th, 2015
at 7 p.m

your attended is our priority…

11. Buatlah surat non formal dengan seunik mungkin, dalam bahasa Inggris dan terjemahannya?​




dear terry,

your grandma died today,sorry terry for your lost.

hope you didn’t cry or hit a stroke or something

i also have dinner at my home to comfort you!

if you didn’t came it’s alright,i’ll just give it to you in the backdoor of your house

from : david


untuk terry,

nenek mu meninggal hari ini,maaf untuk kehilangan mu.

ku harap kau tidak nangis atau kena stroke atau apa2

aku juga punya makan malam di rumahku untuk nyamanin lu!

klo kamu gak kesini gpp,aku kasih kamu lewat pintu belakang rumahmu

dari : david


12. gambar surat undangan reuni dalam bahasa inggris dengan bahasa formal

Alumni Reunion Invitation

The University of Education and Science cordially invites you to the Alumni Reunion 2016,

on Monday, the first of March two thousand and sixteen, at six o’clock in the evening.
at the Eatery Park of the University of Educationa and Science.

We look forward to seeing you.

RSVP by February 29, 2016 to
The invitation is valid for one person only.
Dresscode: Casual

Please join us for the reunion of

The Great Town High School
Class of 2000

Sunday, the third of April two thousand and sixteen
at ten o’clock in the morning until twelve.

The Reserve Restaurant
Jembatan Baru street number 5

Brunch Set, Live Music, Dance Performance, and Games.
IDR 200k/person
IDR 300k/couple
Send checks payable to Cash
when returning the enclosed response card.
The invitation is valid for one person only.

See you then,

Hewy Fitz
(The Head Project)

13. Surat non formal bahasa inggris tentang Dear lula dan susan


Dear Lula and Susan,

I hope this letter finds you both doing well. It’s been quite some time since we last spoke, and I thought I would take a moment to reach out and see how things are going for you both.

Since we last caught up, I’ve been keeping busy with work and other commitments, but I’ve also had some time to unwind and relax. How about you? What have you been up to? Any new and exciting adventures to share?

It would be wonderful to catch up with you both sometime soon. Perhaps we could grab a cup of coffee or have dinner together? I miss our conversations and would love to hear about your lives.

Please do let me know if you’re up for meeting sometime soon. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

14. contoh surat undangan non formal dalam bahasa inggris untuk guru,untuk menjadi juri lomba ujikom

surat undangan itu banyak, sebagai contoh ini ada surat undangan pertunangan

January 01, 2010
Dear Family and Friends,
We would like to share with you the engagement of our son, Paulo John, to his long-time girlfriend, Pamela Grace Sy. After sharing love-filled dates and meetings within the past few years, Paulo already asked Mela’s hand for marriage. Our son finally wanted to settle down into a family life, and he would like to share that life with Mela. As it turns out, Mela is thinking of the same thing.
They were engaged last November 30, 2009 and they would want to announce it publicly to everyone. In that note, we would love to see you in their engagement party.
 February 14, 2010 at 4:00 o’clock PM at our home, 823 Youngstown Court, Hemet, CA 92222.
Sincerely yours,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Li

semoga membantu

15. contoh surat non formal dalam bahasa inggris dalam kehidupan sehari-hari​

invitation, advertisement

16. Apakah ciri-ciri surat undangan non formal​

Ciri-ciri surat undangan tidak resmi :

•Terdapat nama dan alamat pengirim atau penulis;

•Terdapat nama dan alamat penerima;

Hari, tanggal, waktu, dan tempat acara yang tertulis dalam surat undangan harus jelas

•Menggunakan Bahasa yang sopan dan menarik, serta komunikatif

Bagian-bagian surat tidak resmi :

•Tempat dan tanggal ditulis di sudut kanan atas

•Alamat surat berisi nama dan alamat penerima yang tertulis jelas

Salam pembuka merupakan salam yang ditulis di sebelah kiri, sebelum menulis isi surat, kemudian diakhiri dengan tanda koma (,)

•Isi surat terdiri atas pendahuluan yang berisi tentang pemberitahuan, isi yang memuat isi surat: tempat, waktu, dan acara, serta penutup yang berisi tentang harapan dan ucapan terima kasih dari penulis kepada penerima.

•Salam penutup biasanya diletakkan di akhir kanan bawah dan di akhiri oleh koma.

Tanda tangan penulis surat

Nama pengirim ditulis setelah tanda tangan, tepat di bagian bawah.

17. contoh undangan formal dan non formal dalam bahasa inggris lengkap dengan artinya




AcaraKenegaraan>State EventAcaraDiskusi>Discussion programPembukaanCabangKantor>OpeningOfBranchOffice

18. contoh surat undangan formal dalam bahasa inggris dan artinya


To = All of colleger
Approaching the last semester exam, University announces to all of colleger
to take the exam identity card immediately. For all those, Colleger must to finishing the semester cost before November, 15 2017
Best regards = Administrative headmaster

19. Buatlah surat undangan formal menggunakan bahasa inggris​


Street Mubeng Alun-alun No. 15, Buah Segar Exo. Sawojajar

Bangkalan, Sumatera 67648, Telp. 0351-837306

Bangkalan, April 20th 2019

Subject : Invitation to Farewell and Friendship

Dear : Parents / Guardians From: In place

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

We pray for the father/mother and family in a healthy condition and for the protection of Allah SWT Aamiin. We hereby convey this, in connection with the “Graduation and Farewell Graduation” event Al-Hikmah Foundation.

So we hereby invite parents/guardians of students to be present at the event which will be held on:

Day/Date : Sunday/May 19, 2019

Time : 09.00 – end

Place : Al-Hikmah Foundation Hall

Thus we submit this notice, so that father/mother can attend the event, thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Knowing the implementing committee

Farewell/graduation Al-Hikmah Foundation

Ketua Panitia Sekretaris

(Makmur Barokah, Spd.) (Alya Emha, Spd.)

Knowing,Al-Hikmah Foundation’s President

(Drs. Hamka Hamzah, M. M. pd.)

Semoga membantuu

Jangan lupa di FOLLOW yaaヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♡♡

20. tuliskan contoh surat undangan formal dalam bahasa inggris​


Dear Mr. Rahmawan & Mrs. Rahmawan,

By the God’s blessing and mercy, we would like to invite you to the marriage of our daughter and son:

Sayyidah Linia Mumtaz, S. Ag

(Third daughter of Mr. Absoni and Mrs. Santi)


Muhammad Umar Faruq, ST

(First son of Mr. Hadi Susanto and Mrs. Aminah)

The wedding will be held on:

Saturday, Februari 16, 2020

10.00 AM – 01.00 PM

Ballroom Hotel Utami, Jl. Juanda No. 15

Surabaya, East Java

We look forward for the honor of your presence to celebrate together and give the blessing for us.


maaf kalo salah

jadi kan jawaban terbaik ya

Undangan Pernikahan Bahasa Inggris


Tiara Putri Andini

By requesting mercy and blessings God

With this we invite you to come to our marriage and wedding ceremony

Wich will be held on:

Day: Friday

Date: 7th June, 2019

Place: Al-Aqsha Mosque

Batu Raden Street No. 110

Gunung Kidul


The wedding ceremony will be held on:

Day: Sunday

Date: 9th June, 2019

Venue: Al-Aqsha Convention Hall

Batu Raden Street No. 110

Gunung Kidul


Is a happiness for us if you can come and give your prayer to us.

Thank you very much.


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