Preposition Of Time Used In Expression Of Intention Except

Preposition Of Time Used In Expression Of Intention Except

Preposition of time used in expression of intention except

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1. Preposition of time used in expression of intention except




semoga bermanfaat

2. Preposition of time used in expression of intention, except…..​

Pertanyaan diatas kurang lengkap karena tidak menyertakan pilihan jawaban untuk soal tersebut, berikut pertanyaan lengkap beserta jawabannya.

Preposition of time used in expression of intention, except …

a. Tomorrow

b. Next week

c. Tonight

d. Yesterday

Answer: d. Yesterday

Expression of intention berkaitan dengan kejadian dimasa depan, tomorrow next week, dan tonight merupakan keterangan waktu yang digunakan untuk menyatakan waktu yang akan datang sedangkan yesterday merupakan keterangan waktu yang digunakan untuk menyatakan masa lampau.


Expression of intention merupakan suatu ungkapan yang digunakan untuk menyatakan rencana atau kegiatan yang ingin dilakukan dimasa yang akan datang. Contoh expression of intention:

– I am going to …

– I will …

– I would like to …

– I’m planning to …

– I intend to …

– My intention is to …

– I want to …

– I am about to …

Berikut beberapa preposition of time yang sering digunakan dengan expression of intention:

– Tomorrow

– Tonight

– Next week

– Next month

– Next year

– Later

Semoga membantu.

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3. Preposition of time used in expression of intention, except : *a.Tomorrowb.Next weekc.Tonightd.Yesterday​


d. yesterday


maaf kalo ada salah

4. Buatkan 40 preposition at, on, in of time!

Contoh penggunaan preposition of time dalam kalimat

1. Let’s go to the cinema at the weekend.

2. I’ll finish the work in the morning.

3. We went to London in June.

4. I’ve got a meeting at 10 o’clock.

5. I’m having a party on my birthday.

6. I want to go on holiday at New Year.

7. I’ve got to go to work on Monday.

8. She was born on 6th of December.

9. We’re going to the theater tomorrow night. (tanpa preposition)

10. Shall we go out tonight ? (tanpa preposition)

11. I went to University in 2011.

12. I saw Johan yesterday (tanpa preposition)

13. We’re going on holiday in spring.

14. I always have a cup of tea in the morning.

15. I saw Kevin on Friday afternoon.

16. We’re going meeting tonight (tanpa preposition)

17. We always have have a cup of coffee at breaktime.

18. Can we visit our family at Eid Mubarak.

19. I start college on 20th July.

20. It rains a little in summer.

21. I left university in 2015.

5. put the right preposition of time in the blank

Preposition of time: at,in,on.

1.Why don’t we meet on Sunday?

2.The class will begin at half to eight.

3The meeting will be started at 2.30.

4.He doesn’t like driving in the evening.

5.The pool is closedinthe winter.

6.He usually works on five days within a week.

7.The apple is in the tale

8.She lives on Manggo Street.

9.Mr.Brown is at the Hospital.

10.Phelp was born in 1992.

Semoga membantu,maaf kalo salah~~~~ ^_^

6. 13. IraMaya : I am going to the cinema tonight.Complete the dialog above with the correct expression!a. Where are you going tonight?c. Can i join yb. Are you busy tonight?d. Do you have14. Preposition of time used in expression of intention, except:a. Tomorrowb. Next week c. Tonight​


a: where are you going today?

13. a) Where are you going tonight?
14. c) Tonight

Maaa kalau salah

7. Mohon bantuannya kakakPreposition of time used in expression of intention, except : *a.Tomorrowb.Next weekc.Tonightd.Yesterday​


D. Yesterday


terjemahan dari soal ini “kata depan waktu yang digunakan untuk mengungkapkan niat, kecuali : D. Yesterday” Karena Yesterday (kemarin) bukan kata tepat untuk mengungkapkan niat


I’ll go to the carnival yesterday ❌ salah

i’ll go to the carnival tonight ✅ benar


8. pengertian expression of intention

Expression of intention itu menurut saya ekspresi niat..kalo salah saya minta maaf

9. ini tentang preposition of time in, on, atplease help me​


1. My parents aren’t here at the moment.

2. I’m meeting my friend on Tuesday.

3. The train leaves at half past seven in the morning.

4. She was born in 1995.

5. I usually phone my friends on the weekend.

6. We have a special meal on Christmas.

7. I usually brush my teeth in the evening before I go to bed.

8. Her birthday is on the fifth of June.

9. My brother likes to get up at Sunrise.

10. I started doing my homework at eight o’clock and finished only at midnight.

11. In France it often snows in winter.

12. Kate got married at the age of 19.

13. Policemen usually work at night.

14. Our parents will be back in an hour.

15. I usually have a party on my birthday.

16. See you at dinnertime.

17. Mary’s birthday is on May.

18. We have lunch at noon.

19. Sara goes to the gym on Saturdays.

20. My sister was in London in December.

21. She was in London on New Year’s Eve.

22. We sat and talked at lunchtime.


“In, on and at” are prepositions of place or time, and translates as “in”

In, is used for long periods such as weeks, months, years, decades, etc.

On, is used for specific time periods, such as days, dates or holidays.

At, this preposition is mostly used to indicate what time.

10. made in the preposition of time

in this afternoon, on wednesday, on saturday afternoon, on nyepi, in august, in afternoon, at one o’clock, on kuningan day, on wednesday afternoon, tomorrow, on 10th august, at an hour, on this weekend, in summer, at eight o’clock, at 9.45 am, on the week end, on next weekend, on next wednesday, at midnight, in january, at lunchtime, at monday night, in tomorrow morning, at tonight, on thrusday, today, last month, in winter, on sunday morning, in the evening, in 1960, on 14th february, in the 5th century, after school, yesterday, on idul fitri, in a minute, in rainy season, in spring

11. expression of intention

Expression of intention artinya ekspresi niat
#maaf kalo salahi had no intention of study

12. pengertian dari expression of intention

Expressing of intention (ungkapan niat)
adalah ungkapan yang digunakan untuk menyatakan rencana yang ingin kita lakukan.

13. Buatlah pertanyaan tentang kalimat preposition of time and preposition of place

When were you born?
Where were you grew up?
When was the first summer olympic
What street do you live?

14. Below are the expression of intention, except…​

Below are the expressions of intention,  except…

=> Would you like a glass of juice?


10. Di bawah ini adalah ungkapan niat, kecuali …

Saya berencana untuk segera mendapatkan rumah baru.  => expressions of intention  

Saya ingin pergi berlibur.  => expressions of intention  

Apakah Anda ingin segelas jus?  => expressions of offer  

Saya akan merenovasi rumah.  => expressions of intention  

Saya akan mengikuti kursus. => expressions of intention

Maka jawaban yang tepat adalah Would you like a glass of juice? , karena  bukan  expressions of intention

Expressing intention is an expression that is used to state plans or something intended to do in the future.  (Expressing intention adalah ekspresi yang digunakan untuk menyatakan rencana atau sesuatu yang ingin dilakukan di masa depan)

15. example of expression used in personal letter​

the expression is in the form of an example.

-Long time not see

-When are you coming back

maaf klo salah:)

16. 1. expression of sadness. 2. expression of congratulation. 3. expression of asking and giving direction. 4. expression of surprise. 5. expression of Intention. make these expression in free condition.


1. i feel sad

i can’t bear it

2. congratulation, you deserved it!

3. excuse me, where is the toilet?

4. wow, that’s amazing!

5. hello, is anybody’s here?

17. Expression preposition of place ?​


Preposisi ekspresi tempat


Jadiin Jawaban Tercerdas yaa Semoga Bermanfaat

18. Circle the correct answer in the parentheses. Classify whether it is the prepostition of time or preposition of place. 1. Alejandra has a meeting (at, on, in) 9 am tomorrow. (preposition of time/preposition of place) 2. The candy shop (at, on, in) Costas road closes (at, on, in) midnight. (preposition of time/preposition of place) (preposition of time/preposition of place) 3. Crystal went back home (at, on, in) lunchtime after her presentation. (preposition of time/preposition of place) 4. In Russia, it tends to snow frequently, especially (at, on, in) December. (preposition of time/preposition of place) 5. Karenina, do you think that (at, on, in) the future there will be a way to make it to Mars? (preposition of time/preposition of place) 6. Hopefully, with the help of technology, there will be a lot of progress (at, on, in) the next century. (preposition of time/preposition of place) 7. Sara, do you work (at, on, in) Mondays or Tuesdays (at, on, in) the afternoon? (preposition of time/preposition of place) (preposition of time/preposition of place) 8. We should buy a present for Valerie; her birthday is (at, on, in) the 7th of September. (preposition of time/preposition of place) English for Grade 9, PREPOSITION OF TIME AND PLACE 1 3 September 2020 9. I moved and now I live (at, on, in) the 10th floor (at, on, in) 18th Oxford Street (at, on, in) Chicago, Illinois. (preposition of time/preposition of place) (preposition of time/preposition of place) (preposition of time/preposition of place) 10. Veronica has been waiting for you for an hour (at, on, in) the train stop. (preposition of time/preposition of place) 11. Jane told me her plane stopped (at, on, in) Spain and arrived (at, on, in) Germany two hours late. (preposition of time/preposition of place) (preposition of time/preposition of place) 12. Betsy, you are standing (at, on, in) my foot and it’s starting to hurt. (preposition of time/preposition of place) 13. On Thursday, I have a meeting (at, on, in) 24th Street downtown. (preposition of time/preposition of place) 14. I have always wanted to live somewhere exotic; do you live (at, on, in) Hawaii? (preposition of time/preposition of place) 15. During the last class, Mr. Smith explained how Saturn is (at, on, in) the Solar System. (prepositi
on of time/preposition of place)


1. At (Preposition of time)

2. On (Preposition of place), at (Preposition of time)

3. At (Preposition of time)

4. In (Preposition of time)

5. In (Preposition of time)

6. In (Preposition of time)

7. On (Preposition of time), at (Preposition of time)

8. On (Preposition of time)

9. On (Preposition of place), on (Preposition of place), in (Preposition of place)

10. At (Preposition of place)

11. In (Preposition of place), In (Preposition of place)

12. On (Preposition of place)

13. On (Preposition of place)

14. In (Preposition of place)

15. In (Preposition of place)

19. Adverb of time used in expressing intention, except … Select one: A. Yesterday B. Tomorrow C. Tonight D. Next week


A,. Yesterday


because yesterday is past, its not expressing intention

20. 1. when do you use preposition of time “at”? 2. when do you use preposition of time “in”?

At five o’clok udin go to mall

in ten o’clok udin is boring

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