Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Cinta Tanah Air

Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Cinta Tanah Air

pidato bahasa inggris cinta tanah air ​

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1. pidato bahasa inggris cinta tanah air ​

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Penjelasan: Good morning, my respected teachers and my beloved friends. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who present here for giving me this opportunity to be standing here speaking on the topic love for country in this very occasion. First of all, let us all give thank to The Almighty for giving us His blessings so that we all can be here together in good health.

Ladies and gentlemen, Indonesia is our country where we were born and raised. Well, some of you might not have been born and raised in this country, but admit it that now, we all live in this dearest Indonesia, the country whose people we interact with every day, and the country whose natural resources we make use of every day. Therefore, it can be said that it is our obligation to pay back everything this country has given to us. Love is the greatest thing that we can give in return to this beloved country. When we love something, we have this urge to take care of it and protect it from all sorts of dangers. That is why love is the most powerful thing that can make our homeland last forever.

Ladies and gentlemen, love for country is not only declaring that we love Indonesia, but also putting in action showing that we love Indonesia. Then, what should we do to show our love for our homeland? First, we must learn the history of our country. There is this saying, “You can’t love what you don’t know.” If we do not really know Indonesia, then how can we really love it? Learning history is a way to get to know our country better and to love it more. Second, we must respect its people. As we know, the people of our country come from various races, ethnics, and religions. We must respect them regardless their background in order to maintain the unity of Indonesia. Third, we must use our rights and do obligations as citizens, such as participating in elections, obeying regulations, and so forth. Next, we must use Indonesian local products more often than using those of foreign in order to help developing our country’s economy. Last but not least, we must proudly communicate with Indonesian language and our traditional languages in daily life to preserve them.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of my speech. Th
ank you for your time and attention. I hope it has made you realize that it is important to love our homeland, but it is more important to show our love for the homeland through our actions.

2. assalamualaikum wr. wbbapak dan ibu guru yang saya hormati pula, serta teman-teman yang berbahagia. pertama marilah kita panjatkan puji syukur kehadirat allah swt yang telah melimpahkan rahmat, taufiq hidayah serta inayah nya, sehingga kita dapat berkumpul di tempat ini dalam keadaan sehat walafiat.hadirin yang berbahagia, izinkan saya berdiri disini untuk berbagi pengalaman dan pengetahuan kepada teman-teman tentang bagaimana kita mencintai negeri kita indonesia. saat ini kita tinggal di negeri yang kaya raya, subur makmur, strategis,dari sabang sampai merauke terbentang beribu-ribu pulau bagaikan zamrud khatulistiwa.dengan beraneka ragam budaya dan suku bangsa.namun tetap bersatu dalam semboyan bhineka tunggak ika.dari rasa bangga tersebut tentunya akan menumbuhkan rasa cinta kita kepada indonesia.jika sudah bangga dan cinta tentunya kita akan selalu berusaha untuk melakukan yang terbaik bagi bangsa kita,kita akan menjaga nama baik bangsa kita.Nah,yang jadi pertanyaannya sudahkah kita mencintai negeri kita ini?teman-teman yang berbahagia banyak cara yang bisa kita lakukan untuk mewujudkan rasa cinta kita terhadap negara.mari kita awali dari hal-hal yang sederhana atu hal-hal yang kecil-kecil.misalnya,dengan turun langsung menjaga dan melindungi tanah air indonesia agar tetap bersih,indah dan nyaman.seperti,membuang sampah pada tempat nya,menanam pohon di sekitar kita.kita tidak rela bukan jika sesuatu yang kita cintai kotor oleh sampah?selain itu sebagai wujud rasa cinta kita bisa kita lakukan juga dengan menaati peraturan.dengan menaati peraturan berarti kita peduli akan kelangsungan kehidupan yang damai di negeri ini.jangan pernah melanggar peraturan yang ditetapkan negara karena akan merugikan orang banyak.teman-teman yang saya cintai dan saya banggakan.cinta tanah air berarti pula kita cinta terhadap keanekaragaman budaya,suku bangsa,dan bahsa yang ada di bumi nusantara ini.karna itu semua merupakan kekayaan yang dimiliki oleh negara kita,yang belum tentu dimiliki oleh negara lain.bahkan,bila keanekaragaman itu di padu dengan dasar cinta tanah air,maka akan mewujudi pelangi nusantara yang akan menjadi daya tarik bagi wisatawan asing yang pada akhirnya akan mendatangkan keuntungan bagi negara kita.Namun,seiring perkembangan zaman dan teknologi saat ini rasa nasionalisme pada generasi muda mulai memudar,mereka lebih senang dengan hal-hal yang berbau luar negeri dari pda produk dalam negeri,mereka lebih senang memakai bahasa asing dari pada budaya indonesia,dengan alasan agad tidak kalah kualitasnya di banding produk luar negri,budaya kita pun sangat luhur warisan leluhur kita.Demikian teman-teman,hal-hal sederhana yang bisa kita tunjukan sebagai rasa cinta kita terhadap tanah air indonesia.menjaga lingkungan,membuang sampah pada tempat nya,menaati peraturan,memakai produk dalam negeri dan melestarikan budayadari leluhur kita, hal-hal tersebut sekilas mungkin akan mudah untuk kita jalani .namun, untuk melakukannya diperlukan pengorbanan yang besar. mencintai indonesia memang harus rela berkorban, sebagaimana para pahlawan yang rela mengorbankan nyawa nya demi kemerdekaan indonesia. sekian pidato dari saya semoga bermanfaat, mohon maaf jika ada kata-kata yang salah maupun kurang berkenan di hati bapak, ibu guru serta teman-teman, terima kasih atas perhatiannya. wassalamualaikum wr. wbtolong terjemahkan ke dalam bahasa inggris yah.

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assalamualaikum wr. wb
To teachers that I respect as well, and happy friends.
first, let us offer thanks for the presence of the Almighty Allah who has bestowed the grace, the blessings, so that we can gather in this place in a healthy state.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me stand here to share experiences and knowledge with friends about how we love our country Indonesia. at present we live in a country that is rich, prosperous, strategic, from Sabang to Merauke stretching thousands of islands like the emerald of the equator.
with a variety of cultures and ethnic groups. but still united in the motto of various tunggak ika. from pride it will certainly foster a sense of our love for Indonesia. if we are proud and love of course we will always try to do the best for our nation, we will keep our nation’s good name. Well, the question is that we have loved our country?
friends who are happy many ways we can do to realize our love for the country. let’s start from simple things or small things. for example, by going straight to protect and protect Indonesian homeland so that it remains clean, beautiful and comfortable. like, throwing garbage at its place, planting trees around us. we are not willing not if something we love is dirty by trash?
besides that, as a form of our love we can also do it by obeying the rules. By obeying the rules, we care about the continuity of a peaceful life in this country.
friends that I love and I’m proud of.
love of the homeland also means that we love the diversity of cultures, ethnic groups, and languages ​​that exist on this archipelago. These colors are all wealth that is owned by our country, which is not necessarily owned by another country. even if diversity is integrated with the basis of love for the homeland, it will test the rainbow of the archipelago which will be an attraction for foreign tourists which will ultimately bring benefits to our country.
However, along with the times and technology today the sense of nationalism in the younger generation is starting to fade, they are more pleased with things that smell foreign from domestic products, they prefer to use foreign languages ​​rather than Indonesian culture, with the reason that Agad is not inferior the quality is compared to foreign products, our culture is also very noble in our ancestral heritage.
Such are friends, simple things that we can show as our love for the Indonesian homeland. Guarding the environment, throwing trash in its place, obeying the rules, using domestic products and preserving the culture of our ancestors, these things are as fleeting as possible it will be easy for us to live. However, to do so requires a great sacrifice. love Indonesia must be willing to sacrifice, as the heroes who are willing to sacrifice their lives for Indonesia’s independence.
so many speeches from me, hopefully useful, apologize if there are words that are wrong or not pleasing in the heart of the father, mother teacher and friends, thank you for your attention.
wassalamualaikum wr. wb

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