How to Work a Maytag Washer

If you’ve just purchased a Maytag washer or are renting a place that has one, you may be wondering how to use it. Maytag washers are known for their durability and efficiency, but they may have different features and settings than other washers you’ve used in the past. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to operate a Maytag washer, so you can get your laundry done with ease.

Step 1: Load the Washer

The first step in using a Maytag washer is to load your laundry. Open the washer door and place your clothes inside. Make sure not to overload the washer, as this can affect its performance and damage your clothes. A good rule of thumb is to fill the washer about 2/3 of the way full.

Step 2: Add Detergent

After you’ve loaded your clothes, it’s time to add detergent. Maytag washers have a dispenser drawer where you can add your detergent, fabric softener, and bleach. Make sure to follow the instructions on your detergent bottle or box, as different detergents may require different amounts. Close the dispenser drawer when you’re finished.

Step 3: Choose the Cycle

Maytag washers have a variety of cycles to choose from, depending on the type of laundry you’re washing. Some common cycles include Normal, Delicates, Heavy Duty, and Whites. Choose the cycle that best suits your laundry needs by turning the cycle selector knob. Once you’ve chosen your cycle, you can customize it by selecting options such as temperature, spin speed, and soil level.

Step 4: Start the Washer

When you’re ready to start the washer, press the Start button. The washer will begin to fill with water and the cycle you selected will begin. If you need to pause the cycle for any reason, press the Pause button. If you need to add more clothes or adjust the detergent, you can do so during the wash cycle.

Step 5: Remove and Dry Clothes

Once the cycle is complete, the washer will beep to let you know it’s finished. Open the washer door and remove your clothes. If you’re not going to dry your clothes right away, make sure to hang them up or lay them flat to prevent wrinkles. If you’re going to dry them, transfer them to the dryer and choose the appropriate cycle.

Related Questions:

1. How do I clean my Maytag washer?

To clean your Maytag washer, you can run a cycle with hot water and bleach. Simply add 1 cup of bleach to the dispenser drawer and run a Normal cycle with hot water. You can also wipe down the inside of the washer with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

2. Why is my Maytag washer not spinning?

If your Maytag washer is not spinning, it could be due to a variety of factors. Check to make sure the washer is level and not overloaded. You may also need to clean the lint filter or replace a broken belt. If none of these solutions work, you may need to call a repair technician.

3. Can I use regular detergent in my Maytag washer?

Yes, you can use regular detergent in your Maytag washer. However, if you have a high-efficiency washer, you should use a HE detergent that is specifically designed for these types of washers. Regular detergent can cause excess sudsing and affect the performance of your washer.

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