How to Wash Sneakers by Hand


Sneakers are a popular type of footwear that can be worn for various occasions. However, they can get dirty quickly, especially if you wear them often. While you can throw them in the washing machine, hand washing is a better option to avoid damaging the shoes. In this article, we will explore how to wash sneakers by hand.

Materials needed

Before you start washing your sneakers, you need to gather the necessary materials. These include:- A soft-bristled brush- A mild detergent or soap- Warm water- A clean towel- A toothbrush (optional)

Cleaning the soles

Start by removing any loose dirt or debris from the soles of your sneakers. You can use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the dirt off the soles. If you have stubborn stains, you can use a toothbrush to scrub them off.

Preparing the cleaning solution

Next, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing a small amount of mild detergent or soap with warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot as it can damage the shoes. Stir the solution until it forms suds.

Cleaning the uppers

Dip the soft-bristled brush into the cleaning solution and gently scrub the uppers of your sneakers. Make sure you cover all areas, including the tongue and laces. Use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas.

Rinsing the sneakers

Once you have cleaned the sneakers, rinse them thoroughly with warm water. Make sure you remove all soap residue. You can also use a clean towel to wipe off excess water.

Drying the sneakers

After rinsing, stuff your sneakers with paper towels to help them maintain their shape. Avoid using newspaper as the ink can transfer to the shoes. Place the shoes in a well-ventilated area to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources as they can damage the shoes.

Removing stubborn stains

If you have stubborn stains on your sneakers, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it off with a toothbrush.

Dealing with odors

If your sneakers have an unpleasant odor, you can sprinkle baking soda inside them and leave it overnight. The baking soda will absorb the odor, and you can simply shake it out in the morning.

Tips for washing sneakers

– Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as they can damage the shoes.- Always hand wash your sneakers instead of using a washing machine.- Use a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging the material of the shoes.- Air dry your sneakers instead of using a dryer.- Stuff your sneakers with paper towels to help them maintain their shape while drying.


Now that you know how to wash sneakers by hand, you can keep your footwear clean and fresh for longer. Remember to use mild detergents, avoid harsh chemicals, and air dry your shoes to avoid damaging them. With these tips, your sneakers will look as good as new for a long time.

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