How to Use Maytag Commercial Washer

Maytag commercial washers are designed to handle heavy-duty laundry loads for commercial purposes. These robust machines come with various features to ensure that your laundry is efficiently cleaned. Whether you’re new to using Maytag commercial washers or need a refresher on how to use them, this guide will provide you with all the information you need.

1. Load the Washer Appropriately

The first step to using a Maytag commercial washer is to load it appropriately. Before loading the machine, make sure that you sort your laundry according to color and fabric type. This way, you can avoid color bleeding and fabric damage. Also, make sure to evenly distribute the laundry load inside the drum to prevent imbalance.

2. Select the Appropriate Wash Cycle

Maytag commercial washers come with various wash cycles to choose from. These cycles are designed to suit different fabric types and levels of soil. Select the appropriate wash cycle for your laundry load. You can find the wash cycle options on the control panel of the machine.

3. Add Detergent and Other Cleaning Agents

After selecting your desired wash cycle, add the appropriate amount of detergent and other cleaning agents. Make sure to follow the instructions on the detergent package for the right amount of detergent to use. Also, if you’re washing heavily soiled laundry, you may need to add some bleach or fabric softener to the wash cycle.

4. Start the Machine

Once you’ve loaded the machine, selected the appropriate wash cycle, and added cleaning agents, it’s time to start the machine. Simply press the ‘start’ button on the control panel. The machine will start running and will automatically stop once the wash cycle is complete.

5. Remove the Laundry and Clean the Machine

After the machine has completed the wash cycle, it’s time to remove the laundry and clean the machine. Remove the laundry from the machine and transfer it to the dryer. Then, clean the machine by wiping down the drum, control panel, and other parts with a soft cloth. Also, remember to leave the door of the machine open to allow airflow and prevent mold growth.

Common Questions about Using Maytag Commercial Washer

1. Can I Overload a Maytag Commercial Washer?

No, you should not overload a Maytag commercial washer. Overloading the machine can cause it to malfunction or break down. Always ensure that you load the machine appropriately and avoid overloading it.

2. How Often Should I Clean My Maytag Commercial Washer?

You should clean your Maytag commercial washer regularly to ensure that it remains in good condition. We recommend cleaning the machine at least once a month or more frequently if you use it frequently.

3. Can I Use Any Detergent in My Maytag Commercial Washer?

No, you should only use detergents that are recommended for use in commercial washers. Using the wrong detergent can damage the machine or affect the quality of your laundry.

4. How Long Does a Typical Wash Cycle Take?

The duration of a wash cycle depends on the type of wash cycle selected and the size of the laundry load. Typically, a wash cycle can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour.

5. What Should I Do If My Maytag Commercial Washer Breaks Down?

If your Maytag commercial washer breaks down, contact a qualified technician to repair it. Do not attempt to repair the machine yourself as this can cause further damage or pose a safety hazard.

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