Contoh Kalimat Adjective Clause Who Whom Which Whose

Contoh Kalimat Adjective Clause Who Whom Which Whose

Buat kalimat menjadi adjective clause menggunakan who whom which that whose

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1. Buat kalimat menjadi adjective clause menggunakan who whom which that whose

Adjective clause adalah klausa yang terdiri dari subyek dan kata kerja (verb). Adjective clause berfungsi sebagai adjective atau menjelaskan kata benda dalam suatu kalimat. Biasanya, klausa ini diawali: who, whom, whose, which, where, when, why, and that.

Who = orang (subyek)

I am a woman and I am good at singing.

I am a woman who is good at singing.

“Who is good at singing adalah adjective clause yang menjelaskan “a woman” yang merujuk ke “I” sebagai subyek.

Whom = orang (obyek)

The woman was Bonnie. I talked to her yesterday.

The woman whom I talked to yesterday was Bonnie.

“The woman” merujuk pada “Bonnie”. Posisi “Bonnie” dalam kalimat itu adalah obyek.

Whose = kepemilikan

My friend is Purwanto. His wife works at Carrefour.

My friend is Purwanto whose wife works at Carrefour.

Kata ‘whose’
dipakai karena merujuk ke Purwanto’s wife atau istri yang dimiliki Purwanto.

Which = benda

This is my invention. It will change the world.

This is my invention which will change the world.

Kata ‘which’ dipakai karena mengacu pada benda, “invention”

When = waktu

I remember the time when I used to play video games all day.

Where = tempat

Bandung is the city where I live.

Why = alasan

I don’t understand why she is angry at me.

That = benda atau orang

It is a doll. It is for my little girl.

It is a doll that is for my little girl.

They are boys. They are good at soccer.

They are boys who are good at soccer.

‘That’ bisa digunakan untuk  orang maupun benda.


The hotel where I slept last night was very cheap.The person, who you love, is a thief.She buys the fish which is very expensive.The woman, who is sitting on the chair, is Mrs. Kartini.The boys, whom I gave money yesterday, are my friends. The woman who are having chat are Luna and Yanti.The boy who ran away broke the window.The man, whose wife betrayed him, died in a car accident.The gorgeous house, which is near the beach, is for rent.Mr. Fahmi is a farmer who is very rich.The students, who are the cleverest in the class, will get a scholarship.The girl, who is wearing a blue dress, very is beautiful.The man that was take to Hasan Sadikin Hospital fell down the stair yesterday.The girl, whom I met yesterday, will come to the party.The farmer, whose son is an engineer, will go to Mecca next month.

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Kata kunci: adjective clause, adjective

2. adjective clause who which whom whose dalam bentuk cerita

That man whom we just speak to has a beautiful daughter. Her name is Mary. Mary is now living in London. Her family are very rich. The house which has large swimming pool is mary’s house. I really like her. I think she’s so pretty. But there is this one problem. The handsome boy whose car is very expensive is her boyfriend. I’m really sad about it. Also the tall guy who just walk across the street is her brother. Can you imagine ? How can I marry Mary ??

3. apa keegunaan dari who,whose,whom,which,where dalam adjective clause, saya agak kurang mengerti sepenuhnya ?

Who = ( Sentences + Adjective Clause + Auxilary/Verb ) Untuk Subject
     Ex: I saw the man who is tall
           Is =

Whom = ( Sentences + Adjective Clause + Subject ) Untuk Subject
      Ex: The woman whom you saw last night is my sister
             You = Subject

Whose = ( Sentences + Adjective Clause + Noun ) Untuk Subject
       Ex: Santi whose hair is black and lock is beautiful
             Hair = Noun

Which = ( Sentences + Adjective Clause + Aux/S/Verb ) Untuk Object
       Ex: The food which is made of bread and sausage is hot dog
             The cat which sultan feeds every morning is very funny
             Is = 
             Sultan = Subject

Where = Untuk menjelaskan tempat
       Ex: Mall, where we shopping is awesome

Semoga bermanfaat 🙂 
Jika ingin bertanya, silahkan komen dibawah 🙂

4. contoh kalimat relative clouse”whom,who,whose and which

kalimat whom ,who and wich adalah QUESTION WORDS (Kata tanya)

5. tolong dong buatkan contoh 2 kalimat dijadikan satu adjective clause (who, which, whose) sebagai subject dan object

– The girl who I like focuses on math.
– The house which belongs to me, is up for sale.

jadikan jawaban terbaik yahh ^_^ 

6. Contohnya who,whom,whose,that/which,where


<who>Who gave you this book?

<whom>With whom were you with last night?

<whose>Whose writing got featured yesterday?

<that/which>Sorry, that belongs to me.

<where>Where was the location, again?

Semoga membantu^^

7. contoh dari Who ,Whom , Which , whose masing² 5 kalimat​



1. who is she?

2. who live in the bog house?

3. who is friendly?

4. who was sitting beside you?

5. who will come here?


1. whom do you choose?

2. the girl whom we met was friendly?

3. the man whom I call gave me a cake?

4. whom did you visited last night?

5. whom do you call?


1. which one, blue or pink?

2. do you still have a bicycle which I gave you last year?

3. do you remember the man which remind you with your father?

4. you gave me a dress which the color same as you

5. do you sell a cap which the color same as my dress?


1. the man whose big house goes to London

2. Nadia plays with a girl whose father is the soldier

3. the girl whose car was stolen called the police

4. agung is married to a girl whose mother is lawyer

5. dodit calls his friend whose father is friendly

8. Make the sentences by your self adjective clause by using: -Whom -Who -Which -Whose

Jawaban:1.what is your name

2.what is this

3.Which one would you rather be

4whose is this


9. Berikan contoh paragraf adjective clause ( who, whom, which, whose, or where) dalam bentuk paragraf Menggunakan bahasa inggris. ​


1.i bought a whom she made

2.this car which is made in japan is cheap

3.Do you knows woman whose in this picture?

4.i visisted the town where i met

10. penggunaan kalimat, who, whom, whose, which, that

1. Who are make the cake?

2. Whom spend the juice?

3. Whose give me the clothes?

4. That ia my books

Maaf ya jika salah

Jadikan yg terbaik ya jika ini menurutm
u benar

Semoga membantu;););)..

11. jelaskan pengertian adjective clause,rumus dan berikan empat contoh kalimat whom dan empat contoh kalimat which

whom book is this?
whom hats are there?
whom cat is it?
whom pillow is it?

which one of those people is mr.taylor?
which one would you like?
which one of those books are yours?
which one of these pen are mine?

12. Perbedaan who , whose , whom , which , what apa ? contoh kalimat dari masing2nya gimana ?

kalau di relative pronoun(kata ganti penghubung)

1. who digunakan untuk kata ganti orang (pronoun) yg berposisi sebagai subject.
2. whom dgunakan utk kata ganti orang(pronoun) yg berposisi sbg object
3. whose dgunakan utk kata ganti orang (binatang) yg berposisi sbg possesive
4. which digunakan utk kata ganti benda ( binatang) yg berposisi sgb subject dan object

13. apa perbedaan dan contoh dariwho whom whosewhich​


who = menanyakan ‘siapa’

contoh: who is she?

whom = menunjukkan pernyataan

contoh: whom get killed by the cops

whose = menanyakan tanda kepemilikan

contoh: whose pen is this? is it yours?

which = menanyakan pilihan

contoh: which one do you prefer? coca cola or sprite?

maaf kalau ada yang salah, semoga membantu! ‍♀️

14. buat kalimat adjective ronald, dari who,whom,wich,whose,that

Ronald who sits on the bench is my friend

I meet Ronald whom helped me yesterday

I never see Ronald which sleeps soundly

I haven’t met Ronald whose bag is left

I like Ronald that wears glasses

askmeenglish (tanya gue Inggris!)

15. tuliskan kalimat relative clause1. who2.whom3.whose4.which5.that

1. the girl who stand there is so beautiful
2. the student whom he teach is so clever
3. my mother whose all cakes will sell them
4. the cat which sleeps there is mine
5. the building that is built will be high

16. Contoh kalimat relativ pronoun Who, whom, which ,whose

Who are you? Whom your many time? which is Last holiday? whose is my friend from? ”

17. Perbedaan ‘who’, ‘whom’, ‘whose’, ‘which’, dan ‘that’. Beri pula contoh penggunaan kalimatnya.

Kata-kata tersebut pada umumnya memiliki kesamaan, yaitu artinya adalah “yang”.
– Who, digunakan untuk menyatakan orang dalam bentuk subjek.
Contoh: I like people who works in office.
– Whom, digunakan untuk menyatakan orang dalam bentuk objek.
Contoh: I wanna know about girl whom he talk.
– Whose, digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kepunyaan.
Contoh: I wonder about whose this pen.
– Which, digunakan untuk menyatakan benda, hewan, tumbuhan, dll.
Contoh: I’m frightened by the tree which is in the garden
– That, pada umumnya dapat digunakan dalam semua bentuk subjek.
Contoh: I hate the people that is lazy

18. apakah who whose whom itu merupakan independent dan dependent clause

iya kak..tergantung kalimatnya shg membentuk independent atau dependent clause. 
Professor Villa, who used to be a secretary for the President, can type 132 words a minute.

19. berikan masing-masing 5 contoh dari adjective clause. (who,whose,which,whom). klo bisa sesuai contoh yg di gmbar yaa..makasih. ​


who yaitu rudy who loves to eat,alan who received,kiki who got injured,fanny who ispregment,luki who hates bugs.

whom yaitu lisa whom ilive with,you whom i adopted,kiki whom i dated,henky whom i lied,

which yaitu the book which i buy,the cake which you buy,the house which you buy,the land work which you work.

whose yaitu luxy whose dog has lost,people whose attitudes are good,my student whose father is a principle,that man whose car is ferari

semoga membantu jgn lupa like

20. berikan contoh adjective clause ( who, whom, which, whose, or where) dalam bentuk paragraf Menggunakan bahasa inggris.​


People who are smart follow the rules. (Orang-orang yang pintar mengikuti aturan)

The boy who picked me up last night is my brother. (Laki-laki yang menjemputku semalam adalah saudaraku)

I dreamed the man who already become my ex-boyfriend last night (Saya memimpikan pria yang telah menjadi mantan pacar saya kemarin malam)


He is the one whom i want to become one day. (Dia adalah seseorang yang saya cita-citakan suatu hari nanti)

You whom i trusted have betrayed me. (Kamu yang saya percayai telah berkhianat)

Henry whom i met yesterday is a musician. (Henry yang saya temui kemarin adalah seorang musisi)


The bento which you made for me is so delicious. (Bento yang kamu buatkan untukku sangatlah enak)

That is the smartphone which i wanted to buy last week. (Itu adalah smartphone yang saya ingin beli minggu kemarin)

The tasks which you order is already done. (Tugas yang kamu berikan sudah diselesaikan)


Naruto has a friend whose son lives in Konoha. (Naruto memiliki seorang teman yang putranya tinggal di Konoha)

My student whose parents live abroad is absent today (Muridku yang orangtuanya tinggal di luar negeri tidak hadir hari ini)

I like people whose attitudes are good. (Saya menyukai orang-orang yang memiliki sikap baik)


where did you find the keys to my house(dimana kamu menemukan kunci rumahku)

where we will do group assignments(dimana kita akan mengerjakan tugas kelompok)

Where do yo
u come from.
(dimana kamu berasal.)




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